LISTEN: 'Jerusalema' hitmaker collaborates with AKON and David Guetta

LISTEN: 'Jerusalema' hitmaker collaborates with AKON and David Guetta

'Jerusalema' hitmaker Master KG is back with another major hit!

Master KG
Instagram/ Master KG

The award-winning artist, Master KG, recently announced on social media that a brand new single will be available from May 28.

In celebration of Africa Day, Master KG collaborated with two international musicians, AKON and David Guetta, on the brand new single, 'Shine Your Light'.

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“HAPPY #AFRICADAY! Proud to announce my collaboration with David Guetta & AKON to celebrate this beautiful occasion. Unite the world with love, stay safe & Shine Your Light!" he wrote on Instagram. 

Listen to the song below: 

In December 2020, Master KG spoke to the Scenic Drive about his global domination with his hit single, 'Jerusalema'.

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"This is only the beginning. When I started, people said heartful things, but I kept on going," he said.

"I am going to keep on pushing. I'm going to keep on making people dance. I am going to keep on uniting people." 

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Image Credit: Instagram/ Master KG

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