LISTEN: Rian weighs in on The Budget Speech 2019

LISTEN: Rian weighs in on The Budget Speech 2019

The past few hours the only thing everyone is talking about is The Budget Speech 2019.

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The Budget Speech of 2019 was delivered by Finance Minister, Titi Mboweni on Wednesday and the nation - much like Rian - is extremely unhappy.

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The main topic of discussion was Eskom, and of course the increases of taxes. But what can the president of our country do when it comes to the increase in taxes. 

Rian weighed in on the topic.

Rian said that if he were president, and when the ruling party puts the country in a difficult position, they should be paying the highest percentage in taxes. 

He also mentions that the voters who get the ruling party in the lead of the country must also pay the highest percentage in taxes because not everyone votes for that party?


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