LOOK: Kim K reportedly damages iconic Marilyn Monroe dress

LOOK: Kim K reportedly damages iconic Marilyn Monroe dress

It has been reported that billionaire Kim Kardashian allegedly damaged the Marilyn Monroe dress after she wore it at the 2022 Met Gala.  

Kim Kardashian

For the 2022 Met Gala, Kardashian paid homage to one of the most iconic moments in American pop culture history when she donned the same dress Marilyn Monroe famously wore to sing 'Happy Birthday' to President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

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Kardashian went viral on social media – not only for wearing such an iconic dress – but also for what she did to lose weight.

Kardashian was not allowed to do any alterations to the dress and had to lose weight to fit into the dress. 

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Kardashian told Vogue that she went on an extreme diet for three weeks to fit into the dress.

"I would wear a sauna suit twice a day, run on the treadmill, completely cut out all sugar and all carbs, and just eat the cleanest veggies and protein. I didn't starve myself, but I was so strict," she said.

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However, on Tuesday, new allegations have been reported that Kardashian damaged the dress after wearing it to the Met Gala.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection shared photos of the dress, claiming it now has “missing crystals” and some were “left hanging by a thread.” 

But a source close to Kardashian insists the allegations are not true.

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