Make My Monday: Baking equipment for retrenched grandmother

Make My Monday: Baking equipment for retrenched grandmother

With the help of Plus10 Discount Furnishers, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist Charmaine van Biljon from Krugersdorp with brand new baking equipment. 

Baking dough

The Scenic Drive team received an email from Charmaine van Biljon to assist with brand new baking equipment. 

"In 2012, I was retrenched from my job. Since then, I was unable to find full-time employment. 

"Because I was forced to downsize my home I got rid of old and unused things, I don't have any baking equipment to use. 

"I used to bake but since my son got married and left home, I haven't really baked till lockdown hit us. 

"I have two young grandchildren who obviously both had birthdays and needed some sort of cake and mini party. 

"I've started baking again with the children, who really enjoy it but sadly, I don't have any proper baking equipment.  I've been trying my best using foil baking pans and whatever else I can lay my hands on. 

"Please could you help me with baking equipment? I really need a large mixing bowl, spatula, whisk, and a variety of baking pans.I would be so pleased if you are able to help me so that my grandchildren and I can enjoy baking

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to ask you to Make My Monday, and fulfill my dream. I would really appreciate your help."

Compliments of Plus10 Discount Furnishers: 

Plus10 Discount Furnishers will gladly assist Charmaine van Biljon with R2,000 to buy new baking equipment. 

Charmaine van Biljon shared a special milk tart recipe with the Scenic Drive. 

Charmaine van Biljon Make My Monday Milk Tart Recipe

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