Make My Monday: A big surprise for Kriel Kosmos Children's Home and Silver Fleur Retirement Village

Make My Monday: A big surprise for Kriel Kosmos Children's Home and Silver Fleur Retirement Village

The Scenic Drive with Rian gave Kriel Kosmos Children's Home and Silver Fleur Retirement Village the surprise they needed for so long!

Kriel pollution at night
Picture by: Dean Paulse

The Scenic Drive team recently went to Kriel, where ash from the nearby power stations are causing massive pollution.

Rian van Heerden and the team decided to create safe zones around the town of Kriel.

This will allow vulnerable people to have a safe place.

We decided to start at the Kosmos Children’s Home in Kriel where almost 70 children are at risk of infection and constant flu-like symptoms as a result of the pollution.


Our plan is to install six air-conditioners in the Kosmos Children’s Home to allow the air-conditioners to filter the area and so remove all dust, pollen and ash particles. These are the common causes of respiratory infections as well as asthma.

Then we need to install two air-purifiers that will extract chemical gasses from the air. The chemical gasses are the second problem when it comes to air-quality in Kriel as the main cause of pollution is the ash particles.

Once this is done, the quality of air at the Kosmos Children’s home would have been improved significantly.


Fourways Air-conditioning is donating six air-conditioners as well as two air purifiers to the Kosmos Children’s home.

The air-conditioners will be used for air filtration on fan mode and not regulate temperatures. 

The Scenic Drive team will also help the Silver Fleur Retirement Village in Kriel. 

Silver Fleur Retirement Village is not an old age home but rather a retirement village. They have more than 300 residents who live in the village, each with their won house and garden where they can go about their business. They have a community hall that they use once a week for get-togethers. This area has one air-conditioner that is very old and they have been wanting to replace it for some time now. One air-conditioner is not adequate for the community hall.

The idea is to convert the community hall into a safe zone by installing air-conditioners to circulate the air and so removing ash particles.


Fourways Air-conditioners donated two air-conditioners to the Silver Fleur Retirement Village so that air can be filtered and ash particles eliminated.

But now they still need air purifiers:

Hercules is from Alpha Sand in Polokwane and they want to donate R5000 towards our Kriel Safe Zones. This R5000 is just about enough to purchase two more air-purifiers for the Silver Fleur Retirement Village.

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