Make My Monday: A day at Mangwanani Spa worth over R4000,00

Make My Monday: A day at Mangwanani Spa worth over R4000,00

With the help of Mangwanani Spa, the Scenic Drive team was able to surprise a loyal listener. 

Treat yourself to a spa day at Ghost Mountain Inn

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Belinda Britz requesting a full body massage to make a Monday extra special. 

"I have a simple request, I am wondering if you can send me for a full body massage. I massage everyone here at work and just wish I could unzip my arms and massage myself." 

"This would be the best ever treat and not just will my Monday be made but my year," Belinda Britz.

Compliments of Mangwanani African Spa

Mangwanani has been selling wonderful product hampers to raise money for women’s shelters in KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng. These hampers are available from Mangwanani at R300,00 each. The hampers are contributed to women during Women’s Month. You get two of these, one for you, and one to share. 

Product hamper valued at R300,00 per person x 2 = R 600,00

Then, also, since she is always the one giving massages, we thought it should be her turn to be pampered. 

Two Wraps at R 195.00 per person x 2 = R 390,00 

Then, also, for her and her friend.

Mid-week African Revitalisation Spa Day at River Valley at R 1599 per person x 2 = R 3198,00 

River Valley Mangwanani in Hartebeespoort has offered to treat her for the day. This will also allow her to make a trip out of it. 

All to the value of R 4188,00 

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Image Credit: Unsplash

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