Make My Monday: Dental procedure for six-year-old

Make My Monday: Dental procedure for six-year-old

Jayden Sleeking received an all-costs-included dental procedure to make his Monday and give him the perfect little smile. 

Dentist chair / Pexels
Dentist chair / Pexels

Rian van Heerden received a letter from a mother, Chanel Sleeking, urgently looking for help for her son, Jayden. 

"During COVID-19, we were unable to afford our medical insurance - and we had to let it go." 

"My child, urgently needs a dental procedure, and he is also too scared," Sleeking continued. 

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Compliments of MediPark Dentists:

Dr Ignus Terblanche from MediPark Dentists Rooihuiskraal arranged an all-costs dental procedure for Jayden Sleeking.

The following doctors will be there to help Jayden: 

  • Dr Zuretha Bierman (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Dr Michelle Jonck (Dentist at MediPark who has treated Jayden before)

What they will do:

They will give him something to calm his nerves (syrup) and then do intravenous sedation. While Jayden will be under, they will perform the fix on the tooth with the cavity-causing the pain. Since Jayden will be under sedation, Dr Jonck will also work on other teeth that require attention.

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