Make My Monday: New horse saddle worth R15 000 for son and daughter-in-law

Make My Monday: New horse saddle worth R15 000 for son and daughter-in-law

The Scenic Drive team helped a mother to surprise her son and daughter-in-law with a brand new horse saddle with over R15 000. 

Make My Monday Horse Saddle
Supplied/ Marlene Steyl

Marlene Steyl wrote to the Scenic Drive to help her make her son and daughter-in-law's Monday. 

"My son and daughter-in-law both had horses and saddles of their own, but with a baby on the way and no medical aid and the COVID-19 salary cuts, my son had to sell one of the horses and both saddles to cover the delivery and make ends meet."

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"They kept the one-horse because they both love riding and take turns to ride, it's their me-time. But the problem is they have to borrow a saddle all the time, which is not the ideal situation. They cannot afford to buy a saddle now because they are still trying to make up for what they've lost in salary, during COVID-19 salary cuts and the hospital costs," Steyl wrote. 

Horse riding is therapeutic for both her son and daughter-in-law, and she would like the Scenic Drive to help her surprise them with a horse saddle of their own. 

Compliments of Midfeeds and Track 'n Togs: 

Midfeeds and Track 'n Togs are giving a genuine leather St Lourdes saddle, which has been imported from Argentina. The 17inch saddle is valued at over R15 000. 

Midfeeds is a leading supplier of all animal feeds, dog food, cat food, pet clothing, baskets, blankets as well as saddles and tack for all your horsey needs. 

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Photo Credit: Supplied/ Marlene Steyl

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