Make My Monday: R3,000 voucher for Xbox remote

Make My Monday: R3,000 voucher for Xbox remote

With the help of FKN Army, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist a mother in need to help her son to get a brand new Xbox remote. 

Xbox controller

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Olga Roux, to help her to make her son's day extra special. 

"I wanted to ask to Make my Monday but it would be more like make my year.

"I know a lot of people mail you and a lot of people are very deserving.

"The past two years have been hectic for my family, we lost our car, which means the youngest walks to school and the eldest can't take part in sports, Uber is too expensive.

"Trips need to be planned well and budgeted for like groceries shopping. Don't worry, I am not asking for a car. But with no car and money so tight, I mean sometimes even a sweetie is too expensive. We don't braai anymore, we certainly don't go out, due to finances.

"What I am asking for is just a remote for my kid's Xbox. 

"The remote is broken and now they can't watch their movies anymore, nor play games. They are good boys and deserve so much more than I can give now.

"I don't have DStv or Netflix, it's their only entertainment, a reprieve from school, and the sometimes dips we're in.

"So please if you could, a remote so they can work their Xbox again."

Compliments of FKN Army:

FKN Army will gladly sponsor a R3,000 TakeALot voucher to the Roux family for a brand new Xbox remote. 

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