Make My Monday: Rian makes a woman's dream of touching an elephant come true

Make My Monday: Rian makes a woman's dream of touching an elephant come true

Alecia sent us a simple request to make her Monday - Rian and the team decided to treat her with a lot more.

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We received a message on Facebook from Alecia van der Merwe saying that she adores elephants and her biggest dream is to touch one.

The Message:

I love elephants so so much. And I want to ask if there's someone you know that might just give me a minute to just touch and say hello to one. It's been a dream of mine so so long. I am able to go to places where I can see them but not come near them.

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Rian decided to make Alecia's Monday by sending her and her boyfriend, George Jenkins to Bela-Bela in Limpopo - but they had no idea what to expect. We roped-in the help of our friends at Adventures With Elephants.

Alecia and George got to experience touching an elephant for the very first time and the moment was magical, have a look:


The couple received more than just a "touch and feed” activity, Adventures With Elephants' offers comprehensive interactions for each visitor to experience, tangibly the intellect and warmth of these gentle giants.

But that's not all...

Zebula Golf Estate and Spa in Bela-Bela also offered the couple a complimentary night at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa – including breakfast, whereafter they will take part in the Wild Raptor Experience at the Wild Raptor Conservancy, a bird of prey rehabilitation center that focusses on conservation through education and rehabilitation. 

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