Make My Monday: Spa day for sisters after death tragedy in family

Make My Monday: Spa day for sisters after death tragedy in family

A listener, Natasha Ellof wrote to the Scenic Drive team and asked for a spa day following tragic events. The Scenic Drive team and Goldwagen stepped in and came to their rescue.

Treat yourself to a spa day at Ghost Mountain Inn

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Natasha Ellof, requesting a spa day after the death knocked on their door, claiming her brother, narrowly a year after her mom's passing.

"Hello, Rian and Team

"We appreciate all your entertainment. We usually enjoy watching your show, so we'll miss you when you leave. I do, however, wish you luck in your future endeavours. Rian, I know people don`t ask for a lot, and I won't either, but all I'm asking is if you could maybe treat the girls to a spa day. 

"When I refer to the girls, I mean my three sisters and I. Our brother passed away on Tuesday after a courageous battle with cancer, and our mother's death will be one year next month. She died from cancer as well. We simply require a day to unwind and clear our minds. Even though I am aware that our reality won't change, I believe we urgently require it, as it would make us feel better. We would really appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to spoil us, we would greatly appreciate it".  

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In aid of Natasha's request, Goldwagen stepped in and sponsored the four sisters with a spa day at Camerlot Spa Protea Hotel in Midrand for 90-minute massages in addition to hot stones and cake.

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