Make My Monday: The Scenic Drive spoils couple with clothing worth R5,000!

Make My Monday: The Scenic Drive spoils couple with clothing worth R5,000!

The Scenic Drive and Trappers spoiled Carrin Peirce and her husband with a clothing voucher worth R5,000 for Make My Monday.

Make My Monday
Supplied/ Carrin and Aubrey

Carrin Peirce and her husband, Aubrey Graham, have no stable income - and they haven't bought each other birthday presents for the past five months. 

The Peirce family receives a pension grant - and they grow their own food. 

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Carrin would like to spoil her husband with some clothing for this 65th birthday. She wrote for the Scenic Drive for help. 

Here's her message: 

My husband and I have been living 'off the grid' in a little Swati Village called Steynsdorp since 2016. We do not have a stable income and my husband receives a pension grant. It's his 65th birthday and we haven't been able to buy each other birthday presents for five years. I would really love to give him a clothing voucher so that he can buy new clothes. We usually get by on hand me downs from friends and family. 

You would make my whole year if you could surprise him with a clothing voucher/new clothes.

Compliments of Trappers

  • R3,000 voucher for Aubrey to buy new clothes (In-store or online shopping)
  • R2,000 voucher for Carrin to treat herself to something new. 

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