Man is kicked off flight after posting 'terrorist' Snapchat selfie

Man is kicked off flight after posting 'terrorist' Snapchat selfie

A young man who posted a Snapchat selfie with a suspicious caption was kicked off a Jet Airways flight from Kolkata to Mumbai. 

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Yogvedant Poddar was taken off a Jet Airways flight destined for Mumbai and into police custody after he was "caught tying a handkerchief around his face to make a terrorist joke on Snapchat". 

Poddar took a selfie and captioned it: "Terrorist on flight, I destroy women's hearts [sic]". A passenger who spotted the selfie alerted the crew and Poddar was immediately asked to leave the plane. 

Poddar, who "insisted he was innocent of any malicious activity and called the Snapchat photo a prank for his friends", was arrested and questioned following the incident.

Police believed Poddar's account and he was released with no charges. 

The flight resumed its journey with an adjusted arrival time. 

Poddar is fortunate to have escaped prosecution this time, but perhaps he should have just kept his phone on flight mode for the duration of the journey...

Image: Indy World

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