This man wrote a heartfelt break-up note to his gym

This man wrote a heartfelt break-up note to his gym

Letting go of a gym membership can be difficult. How can you just forget all those months of dodging early classes and spending too much time in front of the mirror taking selfies for social media? One California man found the perfect way to honour his relationship with his local gym.

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At the end of January, you might find yourself re-evaluating all the lofty fitness goals you made for 2018. Sometimes the problem is as simple as you over-committing to a gym and a routine before you realised what kind of exercise you were really capable of. Other times, you are moving to a different area and the commute to the gym just doesn't make practical sense anymore. 

But you can't just leave your gym without warning. After all the time and energy you spent there, the least you can do is have a conversation about why you're moving on. 

Planet Fitness in Orange County, California actually requires that members write a full letter stating their reasons for leaving. One man rose to the challenge, framing the letter as a break-up note and saying: "I have different needs now, and to be frank... you really haven't changed at all."

Planet Fitness wouldn't let me cancel over the phone, and required a certified letter to cancel since I live in a different state now. I dropped this in the mail today. from r/funny

The man nobly shoulders most of the blame for the rift between himself and the gym.

Who could be angry at such a sincere goodbye letter?

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