Marilyn Welch knows where you can find your soulmate
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Marilyn Welch knows where you can find your soulmate

Marilyn Welch has been helping people meet and fall in love online for 20 years. Her company is called Perfect Strangers and she is based in Centurion. 

marilyn welch

Marilyn Welch enjoys leading others to their happily-ever-after. 
Through her matchmaking business Perfect Strangers, Welch coaches single professionals between the ages of 25 and 60, helping them to start and maintain healthy relationships. 
For 21 years, Welch has been guided by one philosophy: dont to wait for destiny to happen, but guide it along. 

Welch screens members of Perfect Strangers herself, so she can guarantee that everyone you meet is up for a serious relationship. To guarantee that each date starts on the right note, Welch acts as the perfect wing woman, talking potential daters up to each other to set the scene. 

Welch believes that there is a way to navigate online dating without hitting too many hurdles. Her top tips include choosing an appropriate picture that creates a good first impression; tailoring a bio that says something true and impactful about yourself; and finding an opening line that is both humorous and sincere. 

In terms of making sure that your online date is safe, Welch says it is best to rely on your gut feeling. When it's time to meet your online date in person, go for somewhere public and remember that there is nothing "weird" about online dating these days. Don't pressure yourself and have a good time!

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