Marnus Broodryk can help you save your business

Marnus Broodryk can help you save your business

Entrepreneur, author and speaker Marnus Broodryk shared some of his wisdom on the Scenic Drive.

marnus broodryk
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Marnus Broodryk is passionate about business. Since his turn on Shark Tank South Africa, where he was the youngest investor that show had ever had, Marnus successfully started The Beancounter, an accounting firm specialising in the unique needs of SMEs.

Marnus focuses on small businesses, working to supply entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their projects off the ground. 

He has taken the initiative to distill his knowledge into a book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs – the Codex of Hustle. The book is a guideline for entrepreneurs who want to steer their businesses through the first year and beyond. 

This evening he will talk to Rian about the book, and share some key business tips with listeners. 

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