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Melusi Tshabalala brings his 'Everyday Zulu' to the Scenic Drive

Melusi Tshabalala has the perfect for South Africans looking for fun, easy ways to learn one of the country's 11 official languages.

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Melusi Tshabalala has found a way to combine his love for his isiZulu language with the important work of nation-building. 
Through his Facebook series, 'Melusi's Everyday Zulu', Melusi taps into current affairs and uses his unique sense of humour to teach followers one new word in isiZulu every day.

Melusi provides example sentences for each word so that it is easier to understand how and when to use it. Here are two of the most recent isiZulu words from his series:

Melusi says he started the Everyday Zulu project out of a frustration with the advertising world. As a partner in an advertising firm, Melusi noticed that copywriters and producers were not giving other languages the proper care and attention in their campaigns.

Through the project, Melusi hopes to make people more aware of the beauty of South African languages.

Melusi taught Rian a few fun phrases:

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