'Moffie' director Oliver Hermanus joins the Scenic Drive

'Moffie' director Oliver Hermanus joins the Scenic Drive

The director of the film 'Moffie' joined the Scenic Drive to share the stories of young gay men in the apartheid South African military. 

Oliver Hermanus
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The film 'Moffie' tells the story of a young man in the military who battles to survive compulsory service in apartheid, South Africa.

While fighting battles within the military to survive, the young man also has to confront toxic masculinity and come to terms with his sexual orientation.

“Moffie” is a uniquely South African word that has been used to marginalise and shame people for many years.

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Oliver Hermanus joined the Scenic Drive to share more about the film, the military, and gay men in South Africa. 

"The film is based on a book. The script was sent to the writer. The film is totally different from the book. 

"The military is such a big part of someone's life - especially if someone is gay," Hermanus. 

Oliver Hermanus sat down with Rian van Heerden to talk about his experiences of the word "moffie" and how it has impacted his life.

'Moffie' will be showing in cinemas from 13 March 2020.

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