More proof that robots are preparing to overthrow humans

More proof that robots are preparing to overthrow humans

A robot from Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics company based in Massachusetts is apparently gearing up to take on the world of athletics.

atlas running
Youtube screenshot

The latest development from Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts-based engineering and robotics company, shows Atlas the biped robot running across a small stretch of grass. 

This comes after Atlas did a very impressive backflip, and several years after Boston Dynamics introduced BigDog, a "robotic pack mule" designed for use in the military. 

The new video of Atlas competently moving towards a goal.
According to Engadget, Atlas's accomplishment is not something to be scoffed at: "considering the abilities necessary, it's impressive to see a robot running untethered across open terrain, and easily clearing a small obstacle".

Despite not having a head, Atlas is a better runner at this stage than most primary school-aged athletes.

And once he learns how to jump over hurdles without slowing down, he will be positively unstoppable. 

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