"My heart breaks for the healthcare workers" - Rachel Kolisi tests positive for COVID-19

"My heart breaks for the healthcare workers'" - Rachel Kolisi tests positive for COVID-19

Rachel Kolisi announced that she tested positive for COVID-19 - and encouraged fellow South Africans to take safety precautions seriously.

Rachel Kolisi
Instagram/ Rachel Kolisi

On Sunday, Rachel Kolisi announced on Instagram that she tested positive for COVID-19. 

"I actually spent the day in the pool and assumed I had a sinus infection. I realized I couldn’t smell anything so went straight into isolation until I received my positive result," Kolisi wrote on Instagram.

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"COVID is not like flu. It’s so much worse and if my posting can encourage someone to take one extra step of precaution that will be great, also if you know of people not taking Covid seriously please have a conversation with them about it. People are dying," Kolisi continued. 

On Sunday, South Africa reached the grim milestone of 1-million COVID-19 infections since the outbreak began in March. 

In the past week, South Africa has seen in excess of 70 000 new cases. According to reports, the Eastern Cape still holds the highest fatalities, closely followed by the Western Cape.  

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Kolisi encouraged people to take safety precautions seriously. 

"Equally, my heart breaks for the healthcare workers working tirelessly and understaffed while others are not taking the safety precautions seriously at all."

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