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Nataniël's secret to staying relevant in the industry after so many years

One of the most well-known entertainers in South Africa, Nataniël showed us that he still has it after all these years in the industry!

Nataniël le Roux

Natanië le Roux joined us as a guest on the #ScenicDrive today.

With over 6 000 performances, 79 stage productions, 17 albums and 17 books published, Nataniël is definitely one of South Africa's entertainment treasures that continues to dazzle his audiences nationwide!

This year marks the 30th year since he has been in the entertainment industry and to celebrate reaching such a milestone, Emperors Palace will be hosting his latest stage production called '30 years 90 minutes' between the 24th of August and the 24th of September.

He will be joined on stage by fellow performers Charl du Plessis , Juan Oosthusizen and Werner Spies.

In the interview, he mentioned all the tricks of how he managed to stay relevant in the industry throughout these years.

Take a listen below:

He also treated us to one of his famous stories called 'Hestertjie', take a listen below:

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