"The new me is certainly not the old me" - Katlego Maboe opens up

"The new me is certainly not the old me" - Katlego Maboe opens up

On his first day back of being reinstated as a presenter for 'The Expresso Morning Show' he delivered a stellar performance of 'You're Still The One' by Shania Twain.

Katlego Maboe

South Africans had a difficult Monday morning as they welcomed Katlego Maboe back into their living rooms. 

WATCH: Katlego Maboe is back on 'The Expresso Morning Show'

Maboe took time off to focus on personal matters that stemmed from allegations of abuse that were made against him and, after a protracted legal process, the courts absolved Katlego against these allegations in January 2022.

Maboe got candid about how the last two years have changed who he is today.

"The 'new' me is certainly not the 'old' me. But, there are certainly elements of the 'old' me that remain that I think have stood me in good stead. No matter what has happened to me over the past couple of years, I never want to let go of this desire that I have to be a force of positivity in people’s lives. There have been many touch-and-go moments where my self-identity was questioned, but I worked my way through it with support from friends and family and people who I met in person or on social media who have constantly told me to ‘Get up and start again."

Katlego Maboe celebrates returning to the spotlight- 'This never gets old'

Katlego is a multifaceted media personality, one of his talents includes singing. 

Watch his rendition of the song, 'You're Still The One' he performced on his first day back on 'The Expresso Morning Show'.

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