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Nico Swartz is willing to strip down to raise office morale

Nico danced to "Mphe Di Hoenor" wearing nothing but a Speedo and a pair of vellies. 

nico entering the office

When Clinton Swartz posted a video of his brother Nico bouncing into the office on an exercise ball before taking off his shirt and dancing up to people's desks, Facebook users were in for a treat.

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Nico comes prepared with a KFC bucket for his dance to the Robbie Wessels song "Mphe Di Hoenor", and delights everyone in the office by using two drumsticks as props as he hops around. 

His re-enactment of Wessels' music video is actually spot on, choreography and all:

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Nico may be making a fool of himself, but everyone in the office loves it.

Tune in to the Scenic Drive on Friday, 13 October to hear more about who Nico is and why he feels like dancing in his Speedo is good for office morale. 

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