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This is not your uncle's trucker cap

With this special hat, you will never nod off behind the wheel again. 

trucker cap
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Hours on the road take a toll on your body, and few people know this as well as long-distance truck drivers do. 

Nodding off to sleep behind the wheel puts the lives of others in danger, and can result in terrible car accidents. Ford is well-aware of this, and the company decided to do something about it. 

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With the Ford SafeCap, drivers have a reduced risk of falling asleep at the wheel. As soon as the technology inside the cap detects "head movements associated with drowsiness", it sets off lights, vibrations, and sounds to wake the driver up.

Currently, the cap is only available to truck drivers in Brasilia, where Ford is celebrating 60 years of production.

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Once this cap enters the mainstream market, long-distance travelling over the festive season will be made easier and safer for everyone!

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