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Old-school DJs Reggie and Dean Wolf still know their way around a turntable

If you were of clubgoing age in the 1990s, you definitely remember the raves where DJ Reggie and DJ Dean Wolf controlled the dancefloor. They showed Rian and the team that they've still got it. 

dj reggie
Jacaranda FM

You can hardly talk about the 90s club scene in Boksburg and Pretoria without talking about DJ Reggie and the Wolfman (DJ Dean Wolf). 

The two were the kings of the dancefloor at a time when rave music was taking over the scene and parlayed their deejaying skills into business ventures. DJ Reggie opened two clubs early in his career:  Whispers (Welkom, 1984) and Images (Klerksdorp, 1989).

Those who frequented places such as Seventies Fever and Dropzone will know Reggie and Wolfman as the "Dream Team" who lit up the scene night after night. 
They continued deejaying into the early 2000s when they could often be seen at Presleys, ODDS and Jacqueline's.

Reggie and Dean have not deejayed together for over a decade, but they remain good friends. 

Music is in their blood - they can produce a banging mix at the drop of a hat. They did just that for the Scenic Drive, putting Thabiso through his paces and forcing him to up his Lallie's Mix game. 

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