Our SDD Quinton sets out to help the Lions rugby team
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Our SDD Quinton sets out to help the Lions rugby team

What would it take to get the Lions to the number one spot? Perhaps a little bit of muti?

sdd muti
Our SDD, Quinton and the muti found at Faraday Market.

Our Scenic Drive Driver, Quinton visited Faraday Market in search of muti to help the Lions rugby team become real lions in order for them to gain the top spot on the log in the Super Rugby.

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Faraday Market is a major centre dedicated to the art of traditional healing and a viable transport hub. With trading space for more than 280 muti traders, the Faraday Market Precinct is a major attraction whose tourist potential has been largely untapped.

Arriving at Faraday market he was welcomed with a distinct smell hanging in the air and a couple of tough Muti experts who did not want him to film or record any of their medicines because of its sanctity.

Quinton eventually found Baba Buthulezi, who is an expert in the field of traditional medicines.

Listen to what happened next:

Quinton received a mixture consisting of:

  • Lion hairball
  • 'Brown Powder'
  • Snake Venom
  • Pieces of python skeleton
  • Springbok fat
  • 'Brown liquid'

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