"People just don't listen to the facts" - Jennifer Aniston loses friends who are not vaccinated

"People just don't listen to the facts" - Jennifer Aniston loses friends who are not vaccinated

"It's your moral and professional obligation to inform if you've been vaccinated or not."

Jennifer Aniston
Instagram/ Jennifer Aniston

The award-winning actress, Jennifer Aniston, removed friends from her life who are not vaccinated. 

In an interview with InStyle, Aniston said that it is a "real shame" that there are still so many people who are still anti-vaxxers.

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"It's tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion - but a lot of opinions don't feel based in anything except fear or propaganda," Aniston continued. 

She said there are many people who "just don't listen to the facts" when it comes to vaccinations.

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Aniston constantly encourages her followers on social media to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, such as self-isolating and wearing a mask.

Aniston is not the only celebrity that is serious about getting vaccinated. 

In July, well-known presenter Gayle King decided to ban unvaccinated family members from her annual vacation. 

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"I have this problem with some members of my own family, which I'm now going to ban for Thanksgiving vacation. That's how strongly I'm taking what you're saying."

King decided to take drastic action with her own family in the hope it will make them change their mind.

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Image Credit: Instagram/ Jennifer Aniston

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