PHOTO: David Beckham breaks internet with cheeky photo

PHOTO: David Beckham breaks internet with cheeky photo

Looks like David Beckham is the new Kim Kardashian when it comes to sharing photos of your behind. 

David Beckham
Instagram/ David Beckham

Singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham shared a photo of her husband David Beckham’s bare behind for the world to see.

In the photo, former football superstar, David, 46, floats on his stomach in a swimming pool with his backside up and his Versace briefs pulled down beneath his cheeks.

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And fans could not get enough!

“Happy Sunday, you’re welcome,” she wrote on Instagram. She also made sure to give herself photo credit.

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The comments section quickly filled up with thousands of people thanking Victoria for sharing her husband's behind with the world.

The photo had over a million likes in less than 24 hours.

We would like to personally thank Victoria Beckham for her generosity. 

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Image Credit: Instagram/ David Beckham

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