Pub Crossing: Meet the locals at Marlin's Pub & Grill

Pub Crossing: Meet the locals at Marlin's Pub & Grill

Marlin's Pub & Grill is one of the most popular hot spots in Nelspruit. 

Marlin Pub & Grill
Marlin Pub & Grill

Before every #Straatbraai, the Scenic Drive team do a pub crossing to a local pub in the area. 

The Marlin's Pub and Grill are situated behind the old Nelspruit showgrounds in Loco Road Nelspruit Mpumalanga.

During 2011, host and restaurateur extraordinaire Chris Naudé whacked it around a bit, brought in specials, good music, good vibes, great value food, and waitrons with buckets full of his charm and professionalism.

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They pride themselves on their food and their patrons are their family. Most people say that they go to Marlin's because everyone knows each other.

Marlin's Pub and Grill has immediately become one of the Lowveld’s most popular hot spots with its own special kind of chilled vibe. 

The Scenic Drive team met some of the locals at the famous pub.

Chris Naudé – Owner 

Chris Naudé started operating the pub eight years ago. He took over after working in the hospitality industry.  

Casey Schaffer 

Casey is one of the most famous locals in the pub. She is well-known in the area and she is everyone's friend. 

 She says her party trick is to drink shots. 

 Bok du Plessis 

 Ruan du Plessis aka 'Big Bok' has been going to Marlin's since the beginning and he is there every day. It takes him half an hour to get seated. Bok says he likes to drink and his favourite drink is Klipdrift Premium and Sprit Zero or Vodka and Powerade. 

His biggest dream is to meet a girl at Marlin's Pub & Grill. 

Stacey Gryventsein  

Stacey is born in Nelspruit and is a beauty practitioner. She is also a ballerina and says it is the best work out after a long day.  

She visits Marlin's three to four times a week.  

She is married to Albert, and he has a few dangerous party tricks. 

Bok du Plessis and Albert Gryventsein are two locals at the pub. They are known for their dangerous party trick - they drink gun bullets. 


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