Residents catch 'ghost' stealing valuable art

Residents catch 'ghost' stealing valuable art

A man in Italy believed he would get away from a crime scene unnoticed if he dressed himself up as a ghost. He is now being investigated for theft by police in Italy. 

ghost art thief
New York Post

Elderly residents of the Italian town of Pavia have recently seen a spate of robberies involving a strange suspect: a floating white bed sheet. A man wearing a balaclava and a white sheet has been caught on camera during his elaborate art heists. 

He is a 50-year-old maintenance worker who is believed to be in cahoots with a known smuggler of antiques. The art the "ghost" lifts is from the 18th century and is considered highly valuable. 

The thief does not appear to be a very cunning criminal, as he is seen trying to hide large portraits underneath the white sheet as he flees the scene. The oil paintings, which depict religious scenes, have since been returned to their rightful owners. 

The Italian Carabinieri (local police dealing mostly with domestic issues) named the investigation, which looked into thefts that occurred between July and October this year, "Operation Ghostbuster". 

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