Make my Monday: Rian helps to make a difference in Steve Loock's life
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Rian helps to make a difference in Steve Loock's life

There was an outpouring of sympathy for Steve Loock, the "Hobo with a Smile", after he shared his story on The Scenic Drive with Rian. 

After Steve Loock shared his story on The Scenic Drive, we received an email from Hannes Volschenk and his brother. They own two companies and here is what they want to offer Steve.

Ons wil baie graag vir oom Steve help met werk.


Ons wil graag vir hom betaal om sy grade te doen in die sekuriteits bedryf

Sodra alles deur is en hy gerigistreur is sal ons hom graag wil help met werk as n sekuriteits wag 

en dan van daar af kan hy hom opwerk as n site supervisor of selfs n skof leier.


Ons wil hom ook graag help met n kamer om in te bly tot en met hy op sy voete is.

Die werk en blyplek is in Olifantsfontein.





Steve is a 57-year-old homeless guy who currently lives on the streets of Pretoria. He was born in Boksburg and matriculated in Krugersdorp after spending most of his life in a children’s home. His mom died when he was 3-years-old and he and he 7 siblings were taken away by social services. He has contact with his siblings but doesn’t see them often.

He was journalist for 25 years after he started as a sports journalist and general news reporter at the Brakpan Herald in 1985. Steve worked at various newspapers, including the Citizen but after a fight with his editor in the 1990’s he decided to resign. 

After resigning in the 1990’s he struggled to find a job and when his car was stolen, he lost everything. He took to the streets and lives from day to day. He is very well-known in the Lynwood area and says people are very generous when it comes to food and cold drinks.

Steve says he often has enough food to be able to share with other homeless people.

Now, with Hannes and his brothers having helped Steve to get a job, he is one step closer to his dream.

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