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Rian tries to settle the big whiskey debate for good

It's a debate as old as time. What kind of whiskey is best: Irish or Scottish? Ahead of Whiskey Live, Rian van Heerden invited genuine whiskey connoisseurs into studio to settle the argument once and for all.

There are some questions that will get you into trouble with bartenders wherever you go. One of these involves whiskey and the origins thereof.

Who makes the best genuine whiskey?

The Irish say they are the true connoisseurs, and will hold that argument to the death. The Scottish, on the other hand, are so sure that they are the masters that they even set themselves apart by spelling the drink's name differently: it's "whisky", without the extra e. 

But does all this fuss and fanfare make a real difference? Rian van Heerden decided to ask the people who would know. 

Two women, one Irish and one Scottish, came into the studio to settle the debate. Lorraine, proud Dubliner, maintained that Irish was best, also mentioning that the founder of Jameson was born in her hometown. 

karen and lorraine
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If you drink enough whiskey, you can form many opinions about it. But what do the experts say?

Ambassador for Jameson in South, Jamie Dwyer, shared what he believes makes Irish whiskey the best of its kind.

jamie dwyer
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