MUST WATCH: Robbie Wessels and Rian van Heerden's 80's dance-off

MUST WATCH: Robbie Wessels and Rian van Heerden's 80's dance-off

The ‘80s delivered iconic hits and dance moves that we still love to this day. In 2019, Rian van Heerden and Robbie Wessels wanted to see who could pull off those moves best. 

Rian van Heerden and Robbie Wessels

Rian van Heerden and Robbie Wessels are ready to set the dance floor on fire - watch the video below! 

In 2019, Van Heerden wanted to challenge a local celebrity to an '80s dance-off, and Robbie Wessels immediately accepted the challenge.

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The '80s provided one of the greatest decades for dance music and it formed a big part of pop culture as we know it today.  The moonwalk, which was made popular by Michael Jackson, is still a firm favourite! 

"You know, if someone would challenge me for a tennis game then I would not consider it but when someone challenges me on the dance floor then I would immediately say 'yes!'" Robbie Wessels told Rian on the Scenic Drive.

This is how it went down:

Who do you think is the best dancer? Vote below! 

A special thank you to: 

Platteland venue in Centurion. 

Thank you to Creative Costumes in Centurion who always helps us out with amazing costumes. 

Thanks to Gorgeous Hair in Eco Boulevard for Rian's 80's hairstyle

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