Sandi Schultz pays tribute after life partner passes away from heart attack

Sandi Schultz pays tribute after life partner passes away from heart attack

Actress Sandi Schultz shared the heartbreaking news on her social media - her life partner of 16 years passed away from a heart attack. 

Sandi Schultz
Instagram/ Sandi Schultz and her life partner Laszlo Bene

Sandi Schultz, who is best known for her role in the kykNET soap 'Binnelanders' and the M-Net drama 'Trackers', shared the devastating news on social media - her life partner of 16 years, Laszlo Bene, passed away from a heart attack. 

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On the 26th of May, Schultz posted a beautiful photo of herself and Laszlo Bene, informing her followers, friends, and family that Bene had passed away. 

On Monday, Schultz shared several photos of Bene, where she explained what happened to her beloved partner, and how she responded to the news. 

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Yesterday morning it was exactly two weeks since I woke from an uncharacteristically deep sleep, to my name being called franticly from the gate. It was ‪08h03‬. Or so I thought. I recognized it was Ellen, Laszlo’s riding buddy, alone at the gate and that that meant something was wrong. Little did I know just how wrong, or how my life had already changed. Ellen said that Lasz had had a seizure while on his bike, that I had to come now and that she’d wait in the car to drive me to the hospital. I turned back in a daze, realized I had to feed the dogs first and when I was done, whatsapped Ellen to say I was finishing up and would be out soon. Later, after I’d got to the hospital and been informed that Lasz had had a massive heart-attack and that it had taken at least half an hour to resuscitate him and to expect the worst, I went back and looked at the time I’d sent that Whatsapp. It was ‪09h06‬. I was confused. I had been so certain that it had been ‪08h03‬ when Ellen woke me. Afterwards, I found out that Ellen, Gordon and Lasz had split up on their ride just before 08:00 because Ellen wanted to cycle further and that Gordon had made the first missed call to Ellen after Lasz had keeled over on his bike, ‪at 08h06‬. According to Gordon, 08h03 is probably exactly when Lasz had his heart-attack. I’ve never been one for mysticism, but I truly find comfort in the belief that Lasz left his body lying in the street ‪at 08h03‬ and his spirit came directly to me. I must’ve woken up, registered the time and then fallen back asleep. Also, according to Gordon, Lasz had suddenly slowed down while they were riding. In response to his question as to why he was going so slowly, Lasz’s reply, and last words, before having his heart-attack and never regaining consciousness, were, “We don’t always have to go fast.” And then everyone's best cheerleader, the man with the biggest heart, the best laugh, the most indefatigable lust for life and an infinite capacity for love, left us and our lives will never again be the same. He loved greatly. He was greatly loved. #love #grief #laszlo #gonetoosoon #wedontalwayshavetogofast #helovedgreatly #hewasgreatlyloved

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In 2019, Schultz joined the Scenic Drive to talk about her career, life in America, and more. 

Schultz is part of the Scenic Drive family - and we would like to pay our respect to her, her family, and the family of her partner. 

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