Say what? Kim Kardashian is now selling 'swirlkouse'

Say what? Kim Kardashian is now selling 'swirlkouse'

Kim Kardashian's latest product has left many South African women confused.

Kim Kardashian SKIMS
SKIMS/ Instagram

TV personality and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has recently launched another range of her SKIMS body shapewear collection.

This time, it's the promotion photos of the SKIMS Hosiery range that really grabbed the attention of social media users in South Africa. 

The photos show all the models wearing matching coloured stockings covering their hair.

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Many South African women instantly recognised the item, as it resembles what we would refer to as a 'swirlkous.'

A 'swirlkous' is made out of cutting one leg of an old pair of stockings and knotted at the foot end. South African women have been using a 'swirlkous' for many decades. A 'swirlkous' keeps their hair in place at night before going to sleep.

Women would brush their hair flat around the head then pull the 'swirlkous.' The next morning the 'swirlkous' is removed and the hair would still be straight.

 A Twitter user posted the promo picture and it sparked a massive conversation online.

"A SKIMS SWIRLKOUS?! No ways," she tweeted. 

Philicity Reeken from the 'Scenic Drive with Rian' also weighed in on the conversation. 

"I want one! This 'swirlkous' will give me permanent gladde hare! I'm not paying private school fees for smooth hair."

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