The Scenic Drive gets to know comedian Tyson Ngubeni

The Scenic Drive gets to know comedian Tyson Ngubeni

The Scenic Drive had the opportunity to meet Tyson Ngubeni - South Africa's favourite internet comedian. 

Tyson Ngubeni

During the national lockdown - 32-year-old Tyson Ngubeni became a household name and internet sensation. 

Ngubeni shared hilarious videos, from discussing the culinary classic that is amagwinya (fat cakes) on Instagram to featuring in the quirky lockdown Chicken Licken advert. 

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However, at the end of April, Ngubeni shared a video that gave him star status without planning it. 

In the video, the comedian impersonates a typical American TV news reporter in a news feature about wall fences which are referred to in South Africa as "stop nonsense."

The Scenic Drive chatted to Tyson Ngubeni about his hilarious videos. Ngubeni also gave us a glimpse into the lives of his different characters. 

"Before the videos, I was a performer, actor and a voice over artist. 

"Everyday I explore voices and characters. There is always a back story in every character. There's a lot of detail behind every character."

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