Dubai police patrol the city on hovercrafts

Scenic Drive with Rian: Dubai police patrol the city on hovercrafts

In a move that feels like it was taken straight out of a Star Wars movie, police in Dubai have been given high-tech hover bikes.

dubai police

If you thought that Dubai could not possibly get more ridiculously high-tech and modern, think again. 

The city, which already boasts an indoor ski resort, the world's largest flower garden, and some of the greatest architecture to ever be produced, now has a police force that is much fancier than any of us could dream of. 

In early October during the 37th Gitex Technology Week, the electronic police bikes - called "hoverbikes" because of the way they combine the technologies of motor bikes and hovercrafts - were introduced as the latest addition to the Dubai police force's strategy. 

The hovercraft allows an officer weighing up to 300kg to hover about 5 metres off the ground, and fly at a speed of about 70km/h. Hoverbikes will be used to patrol roads at times of peak traffic.

That may not be the same reason that the characters in Star Wars used their version of this hovercraft, but the police in Dubai will definitely look like extras in a high-adrenaline chase scene each time they hover out to catch the bad guys. 

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