The Scenic Drive team has solved the ghost mystery!

The Scenic Drive team has solved the ghost mystery!

What started as two innocent old photos from Gavin Huntingford turned into quite an adventure.

pieter kruger grave
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A Scenic Drive listener, Gavin Huntingford sent us a photo that was taken in the Kgaswane National Park in Rustenburg more than 11 years ago, saying you can clearly see a figure in the middle of the photo. We sent the photo to an expert photographer who confirmed that it hasn’t been tampered with.

So we set out to uncover the truth.

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We sent the photo to Historian Rob Milne, who knows the Rustenburg area very well and who had documented apparitions of his own at the old Kruger Residence on Paul Kruger’s farm, Boekenhoutfontein.

Our resident psychic Gerald Burger said he sees more than one figure in the photo, describing a woman and a young child.

Yesterday (19 November) MorneJK, Gerald Burger and Rob Milne got into a minibus with their sights on Rustenburg and Boekenhoutfontein.

Last night (20 November) between 00:00 and 02:00, the team went to the old Kruger Family cemetery as well as Paul Kruger’s house, where they were greeted by various spirits, most of them with good energies. There were no poltergeists.

Gerald connected them with two spirits: a woman who used to work at the house, named Hester, and a man who is a descendant of Paul Kruger and looks after the house, named Hendrik.

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The team then moved on to the location where Gavin took the photo to determine what had happened in the area.
Below is a side-by-side comparison of Gavin's photo and what the site looks like today:

ghost comparison
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Gerald says the woman was murdered, and also mentioned that there was more than one spirit in the area. According to Gerald, the woman confirmed that she had been murdered, and also seems to be concerned with a child.

Gavin was shocked to hear this, and said he had discovered - just a few days ago - that a man took his family to that spot and killed them by releasing gas into their vehicle. The family consisted of the husband, wife and two children. One of the children survived, and that is the child Gerald was talking about earlier. 

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