Quinton tests his limits at the gym

Quinton tests his limits at the gym

People go to the gym to improve their looks, but that does not mean they are comfortable with seeing the naked bodies of strangers on display - does it?

quinton at the gym
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Is there anything more embarrassing than walking into the gym and realising that everyone is staring at you? 
Not if your name is Quinton, and you're on a mission to win the title of Scenic Drive Driver. 

Quinton waltzed into a local gym this nothing clothed in little more than hopes and dreams, looking to get a reaction from fellow fitness enthusiasts. 

Most people mind their own business when they're working out, and that's what happened to Quinton. No one paid much attention to him and those who did notice him only laughed shyly while averting their eyes. 

Quinton decided to get more hands-on, asking for help from people around him and even offering massages and advice to others. 

Quinton says the one thing he has learned from his stunt is: "Don't mess with the big guys".

But will this little pearl of wisdom be enough to propel him through to the finals of the SDD challenge?

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