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Siblings who assaulted a North West traffic cop now in custody

A brother and sister in the North West province remain in police custody after being charged for the assault of a traffic officer. 

police assault north west
Facebook/ShaRifa Shandrei Zungu

A video showing two siblings arguing with and assaulting a traffic officer in the North West province has surfaced online. 

The video, which has become wildly popular in a short space of time, shows a man aggressively shouting at a traffic officer. The traffic officer is in the process of confiscating the man's driver's licence. 

The man points at the officer, saying "give me my licence!" over and over again. He proceeds to slap and push the officer. Towards the end of the incident, the man's sister can be heard swearing at the officer. 

The brother and sister were charged with resisting arrest, malicious damage to property, assault and obstruction of justice. 

Both appeared before the Potchefstoom Magistrate Court, where they were denied bail. 

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