Siri interrupts House of Commons speech

Siri interrupts House of Commons speech

The helpful iPhone digital assistant apparently has a lot to say about some of the hottest topics in politics, as Britain's Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has now found out. 

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Apple's loyal consumers will argue that one of its most useful features is Siri, the built-in digital assistant who can answer almost all of your burning questions. 

Siri can find answers quickly - but Siri can also be an irritating know-it-all who butts into conversations at the wrong time. 

As Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson made a presentation about the fight against the Islamic state in the UK's House of Commons, Siri (who is triggered by voice commands) interrupted to say: "I found something on the web on Syria..." 

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Williamson is startled but quickly recovers, making a joke about being "heckled by his own smartphone" before continuing with his presentation. 

In this instance, Siri's interruption did not do any harm, but who can tell whether the digital assistant can always be trusted?

Perhaps it's best for the Defence Secretary to keep is phone off during important engagements in future. 

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