Six women wear the same dress to a wedding

Six women wear the same dress to a wedding

What’s worse than wearing white to your best friend’s wedding? Finding the perfect outfit, and then showing up to the venue only to find that five other women had that same idea!

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At Julia Mammone’s wedding in Sydney, Australia this past weekend, Debbie Speranza found herself wearing a dress that was identical to that of five other wedding guests. Instead of dwelling on the awkwardness of the moment, the six women (three from the groom’s side and three from the bride’s side) posed next to the bride in their black halter neck Forever New dresses. 

The women do not know each other, and they maintain that this was not set up intentionally.

Speranza posted the picture to Facebook, saying: “What are the odds.”

Requests for media interviews have been streaming in since Speranza posted the photo. She updated her status on the evening of 19 September 2017, asking people to please stop contacting her about the photo: “Thank you to all of those that saw the lighter side … but I’m sorry it has to stop now.”

We can’t all wait to become accidentally famous because of one wedding outfit, but we have all made big fashion mistakes before. 

Have you ever found yourself wearing the same outfit as someone else, only to realise that they look better in it?

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