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Skinny dippers run into the North Sea to support mental health charity

Hundreds of people gathered in the nude at Druridge Bay in Northumberland to show their support for the British charity, MIND. 

man lying on beach

The changing of seasons is something to celebrate, whether it is by cooking all your favourite foods, buying some new clothes or, in the case of the North Easy Skinny Dippers, shedding all your clothes and running into the ocean. 

To mark the Autumn Equinox, upwards of 600 people gathered at Druridge Bay in Northumberland for a special nude swim. 

Aside from being able to say that they braved the choppy waters at sunrise, the people who participate in the North East Skinny Dip can also talk about how their morning swim helped to raise more than £7,000 for MIND, a mental health charity operating in England and Wales. 

This year’s event was made more special by the timing. Organisers believe the participants ran into the water just hours after the sun crossed the celestial equator, marking the equinox.

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