Snotkop delivers a 'Souserig' Setswana rap on the Scenic Drive
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Snotkop delivers a 'Souserig' Setswana rap on the Scenic Drive

To celebrate the release of his new album Souserig, Snotkop and the Scenic Drive team danced back to the musician's 'Lekgoa' days. He showed that he has not lost his Setswana flow in the least!

snotkop on drive
Jacaranda FM/Snotkop's new album is called "Souserig".

If you grew up in the 90s in South Africa, then you know that "Lekgoa" was one of the hottest acts around. We at the Scenic Drive were lucky enough to watch the man himself rapping in his signature style. Snotkop and Lekgoa fans alike will love this Setswana remix of the 2018 single "Souserig". 

The man has certainly not lost his flow over the years!

Snotkop has had an incredible career in the South African music industry dating all the way back to the early 1990s. He was making music at a time when kwaito had a firm grip on the imagination of South Africa's black youth. He immersed himself in the music scene and made a name for himself as Lekgoa, the white man rapping in Setswana. 

Many were impressed by his multilingual musicality and he was a popular media personality for some time. In recent years, he has retired the Lekgoa personality in favour of the more Afrikaans dance-focused Snotkop, and has enjoyed similar success.  

His latest album is called Souserig and is currently available at all good music retailers. 

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