Some of the most bizarre rules the royals must follow

Some of the most bizarre rules the royals must follow

From taking no selfies to not sleeping before the Queen, we highlight some of the interesting rules you may not know about.

The Royal Family
Instagram/ The Royal Family

The Royal Family is not your average family - and therefore they have to follow certain rules. 

Over the years, the royal family have become more public and are attending more social and charity events. 

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How the royals conduct themselves in public comes down to official royal etiquette - which might sound bizarre to us. 

For the Firm, sticking to these rules is important in maintaining centuries-old tradition and the esteem of the family.

Here are some of the rules of the Royal Family:

1. You may not take your coat off in public

According to OK! magazine, royal tradition states that if a female member of the royal family was to remove her coat in public, it would be deemed "unladylike".

2. Royals aren't allowed to take selfies

In 2017, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, told the crowd: “We’re not allowed to do selfies”.

3. They must always walk behind the Queen

As head of the Royal Family, the Queen will always be seen walking ahead of others.

4. Male members cannot wear shorts after eight-years-old

After this age, boys are permitted to wear full-length trousers.

5. Tiaras are for after 6 pm

Tiaras are reserved for formal occasions and evening events in the Royal Family.

6. No sleeping while the Queen is awake

At a royal family gathering, it is a tradition for everybody to refrain from retiring to bed until the Queen has also chosen to do so.

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Image Credit: Instagram/ The Royal Family

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