South African celebs give us their predictions to GOT season finale

Marcelle's prediction for Game of Thrones season finale

The moment that most Game of Thrones fans have been waiting in anticipation for is finally here!


It’s been a rather exciting season,  however, there still hasn’t been a hands clamped over mouth in horror scene, and it feels like we’re long overdue for a memorable, catastrophic show down!

There has been a theory going around that Jon Snow and Daenerys are family, but we all know that hasn't stopped anyone from being in a romantic relationship on this show!

Some other theories are that Cersei will join forces with Jon and Daenerys and Jon will lead the army in the fight against the Knight King and the night walkers.

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We asked Marcelle for her prediction of season 7's final episode and this is what she had to say:

South African Comedian Casper de Vries also gave us his predictions of how the season is going to end.

Take a listen below:

Here is the official trailer of the season finale incase you missed it.

You're welcome!

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