South African doctor sings to young patient in Ireland

South African doctor sings to young patient in Ireland

A South African doctor has everyone’s attention after his singing video went viral.

South African doctor singer

Dr Ryan Coetzee who works at the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine in Northern Ireland. 



The doctor became an instant hit when he sang to a young patient. The doctor can be heard singing George Ezra’s hit, ‘Shotgun’ and one can see the instant joy on the boy’s face. 


‘Oscar was admitted on Saturday and was reportedly quite ill, but felt better after he was woken by the singing doctor.’ UTV in Northern Ireland reported.

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Dr Coetzee added, ‘Obviously singing is not going to cure your pain, but it has a music therapy element to it.’


Music has definitely a healing impact on people and we absolutely love the video!

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Which song instantly makes you feel better?

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