SA farm turns flies into food for pets

SA farm turns flies into food for pets

Rian van Heerden chatted to Dean Smorenberg about his fly farm.

Dean Smorenberg
Supplied/ Dean Smorenberg

Insects are a good source of protein for pet food. The Scenic Drive team chatted to Dean Smorenberg about his unique fly farm in Cape Town. 

Smorenberg launched the fly Maltento farm in 2018.

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"You've got a food shortage, and people who are starving, and then you've got a waste problem at the same time. So I started looking at how we can rebalance that," said founder Dean Smorenberg, reflecting on what inspired him to get into this field.

Smorenberg began farming black soldier flies in his bathroom in 2016 before entering the business full-time.

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"Insects have a lot more value than just being a protein," says Smorenberg.

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