"The Springboks are HERE to win" - Vanes-Mari du Toit Proudfoot live from Japan

"The Springboks are HERE to win" - Vanes-Mari du Toit Proudfoot live from Japan

Vanes-Mari du Toit, netball player and wife of assistant Springbok coach Matt Proudfoot shared some of the excitement with the Scenic Drive from Japan

Vanes Mari du Toit Proudfoot
Instagram / Vanes Mari du Toit Proudfoot

Vanes-Mari du Toit Proudfoot is a former South African netball player. She played in the positions of GS, GK and GA. 

She is a former member of the South Africa national netball team and has 38 caps. She has competed in the 2011 World Netball Championships in Singapore. She has also participated in the 2011 World Netball Series in Liverpool.

In 2017, du Toit married Springbok assistant coach, Matt Proudfoot

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Du Toit also made her TV debut when she was one of the contestants of 'Dancing With The Stars SA.'

They saw her potential for television and she became a TV presenter for kykNET

Du Toit is currently in Japan for the Rugby World Cup with her husband. She is also busy filming her TV show, 'In Japan, Ja!'

Du Toit joined the Scenic Drive life from Japan to share some of her experiences so far. 

"We had a big night - so I need the rest before the big game on Saturday.

"The culture in Japan is incredible. All the lights in our hotel are green and gold."

Rian van Heerden wanted to know how the Springboks are doing

"The Springboks are here to win! Some of the players are a bit nervous but they are all excited for the final. 

"The wives and girlfriends represent home - a safe place for the guys.

"The guys are really focused and I think they really want this - and we must be here for the guys."


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