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Storage tank explodes, releases a ton of chocolate into a German street

Twenty-five firefighters worked for hours to clear up hardened milk chocolate that spilled onto a street in Westonnen, Germany. 

chocolate spill
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In a twist of events that brings us closer to finding out the location of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory than we have ever been, a massive milk chocolate spill in Westonnen, Germany captured the world's attention early this week. 

Following what is being described as a "small technical fault", a storage container at the Dreimeister chocolate factory burst, spilling 2,000 pounds (about 907kg) of liquid milk chocolate into the street. 

The chocolate ran onto the street and had hardened into a "ten-square-metre choco-pancake" by the time 25 firefighters arrived on the scene. Armed with hot water, shovels and torches the men worked for two hours to scrape the chocolate off the street. Tragically, the men opted to throw the chunks away in a nearby bin instead of attempting to take some home. 

What would you have done if you stumbled upon a ton of chocolate on the road?

A specialised cleaning crew restored the street to its former glory and the local fire department quelled citizens' fears when they said: "Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent in Werl."

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